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About Defra digital, data, technology and security

We are the trusted teams for developing and delivering digital, data, technology and security services across the entire Defra Group.

Our ambition is to make it easier and faster than ever for people to interact with Defra. To achieve this, we are continuously designing, building, and supporting innovative and user-centred digital solutions. Our broad remit means we play a major role in people's day-to-day life, from the food we eat, and the air we breathe, to the water we drink.

Fundamentally, we are transforming and improving the way information and services are accessed by our staff, as well as members of the public and businesses. We are playing a critical role in helping the UK’s rural communities, and our world-class food and farming industries, to thrive.

Daily, our colleagues contribute to a wide spectrum of exciting projects, each with an environmental theme. Whatever the project, we really do see the impact of our work in the wider world.

For the public, we are here to make life easier. Whether somebody wants to apply for a fishing rod license online or access the latest updates on flooding and coastal risk.

For the agricultural community, we help farmers receive accurate and timely payments for their services. We also ensure that farm inspections are well planned and happen as quickly as possible. The bigger picture is that we are working to make land management across the UK as effective and forward-looking as possible.

We are also here to help importers and exporters of animal and plant goods trade internationally as quickly and easily as possible. And we are busy finding new, smarter ways of tracking waste. Ultimately, this will reduce illegal and inappropriate landfill, and reduce the levels of waste harming marine life in our seas.

We’re proud to be known as pioneers across government. We never stop looking for ways to improve. From new product development, to the use of robotics, our line of work is fascinating. By making our services easier and faster to use, we want to help the UK environment, rural communities and world class food and farming industries to thrive.

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