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Abby Lane from the Environment Agency at #DataMash

Having conversations is the first step towards forging stronger relationships to improve how we work. Here, the Environment Agency's Abby Lane chats to us about the value of being able to meet up and talk to other people in Defra group working in data.

There's a transcription of this video below

Hi, Abby! I know your name now, again... but do you only just want to introduce yourself please?

Yes, I'm Abby Lane; I work in the Environment Agency.

So...Abby, we're here on the first day of the #DataMash – Defra and Ordnance Survey –
What do you hope to get out of today and out of these two days?

Mainly, it's just to meet people; this is the first #DataMash I've been to and already I've tripled my network of data colleagues; so that's been meeting people; talking about data; getting new ideas; finding out about what's going on — nothing specific; just as simple as that, really.

I think, actually, having space to meet people is the key thing – isn't it?...isn't it it's a kind of like that?

Well, we all have our own little specialist areas with data that we're in to...and the chances of other people  really knowing about your specialist are fairly minimal, although you do meet people who are knowledgeable about it.

It's more the kind of general – just getting to know people from across the whole spectrum of data and finding out what's going on and just being inspired, as much as anything – just so I can go back my job and be more inspired to do good things with data.

And you've all your four badges... any of them about 'being inspired' or something?

Well, yeah I think that's the Landmark one. I had most time to talk to him... I'm a bit of a collectaholic, so I'm just trying to get all of them – even if it's just having one sentence with somebody, I can then get a badge, so I'm happy.

You're a data magpie, maybe?

Maybe a little bit! I like shiny things.

thanks Abby, thanks for your time...

No problem.


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