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Sprintnotes E02: The new normal

We’ve just wrapped on Day 2 of our two-week sprint over at Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange.

We now have a lot more understanding as to what our scope and what the target should be (thanks to a rapid ‘ideation’ session*), and even better, we’re starting to scope out what the minimal viable product looks like.

We’ve also built our Trello board to help us get through the different tasks we need to get through in these two weeks. Lots on backlog at the moment but as the days go by they’ll be shifting to the right of the board.

We caught up with Mark Todd this afternoon to find out what Day 2 been like from his perspective. Watch the video here.

This morning’s session focused on rapid ideation. What’s that you say? It’s a way to get as many ideas about a project down on paper from as wide a perspective as possible. This meant there were no preconceptions or judgements about what people brought to the table.

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