Why we use plain English

We use plain English so you can understand anything we publish quickly and easily. Still with me? Thought so. I could’ve said: Simplifying language facilitates the comprehension process of our written guidance. You’d just about get it, but you’d probably …

Making a Difference With Data

better with data

On Friday (10/07/15) I had the pleasure of attending 'Make it Better With Data: Sheffield' at Sheffield Town Hall hosted by the cities Better With Data Society and Sheffield City Council, with support from Capita and Socrata. The conference was one of the …


Defra Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss speaking at the Unruly Clubhouse on 25 June 2015

We’re posting here on the Defra digital blog some of the stories about our data, data activities and data releases. On 25 June, our Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss set out her vision for the role of open data in the future of food and farming.