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Defra Science and Innovation

APHA scientists protecting our plant and animal health


Weybridge APHA laboratory was opened in 1917. For 100 years they have made significant contributions to securing a sustainable and safe food supply, improving animal health and welfare, protecting human health, crops and the environment from emerging threats and supporting international trade …

Monitoring Llangarron water quality from space

Tablet computer app offers insight to officers

Environment Agency Geomatics experts Andrew Richman and Crispin Hambidge explain how satellite and LiDAR are helping Enforcement Officers identify agricultural runoff.

Demonstration Test Catchments Open Data

Surface runoff

The recent Defra Science and Innovation Fair showcased a number of projects producing a wealth of data, much of which has been made open. The Demonstation Test Catchments project looks at monitoring controlling pollution from agricultural run-off. You can find open …

What an archive: 7 million plant specimens

Scanner and samples

Imagine losing 7 million plant specimens in a fire. Kew’s plant store (herbarium) faces this risk. The ‘server room' as it’s known, holds 250 years worth of international plant data. To lose generations of passion, love, care and meticulous attention …