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Stefan Janusz, Communications, Defra Data Programme

I am the Communications Manager for #OpenDefra

Isabel Sargent @OrdnanceSurvey talks #machinelearning at #DataMash

Isabel Sargent

At #DataMash, We spoke to Senior Research Scientist Isabel Sargent from the Change and Business Innovation team at Ordnance Survey about Machine Learning. This is what she had to say.

The satellites that safeguard our forests


Our forests are valuable to us in many different ways – something we’ve understood for a long time. Now we have a new way to keep an eye on them.

Eden tamed: using data to solve flooding in Cumbria

Healthy competition is a fantastic way to focus teams on tasks, concentrating efforts on a single goal within a time limit. The space race, the Sinclair-Acorn 8-bit computer race ('the battle for our classrooms'), the race to claim priority for …

Worth a visit: modelling the positive impact of greenspaces with ORVal

The boathouse at Birkenhead Park

The mob cheers as, in an empty grid square, a small park opens. Property prices in the area begin to rise; soon, a new demographic moves in. The recognisable shift towards gentrification. A familiar reality. And one that will soon …