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Data Transformation

Sustainable Intensification research and Agri-Environment: win-win for sharing resources

Tree in a yellow field

The global population is rapidly expanding, increasing pressure on our finite resources and ability to produce food. In addition the food that we do have is not currently in the areas where it is needed most. We are facing a …

The right GIS tool for the job

Screenshot of QGIS software

#DefraData's Tim Ashelford compares his first experiences with free and open source geographical information software QGIS with proprietary alternatives. He is joined by QGIS pro Alexandra Kilcoyne from Natural England.

Data Practitioners are invisible – until something goes wrong

Pylons and telegraph poles

Do you feel like sometimes you're working in a vacuum; no one really understands the data publishing problems you have and no-one can help?  Well, welcome to the Data practitioners' group – they can solve them all! Well maybe not …

Monitoring Llangarron water quality from space

Tablet computer app offers insight to officers

Environment Agency Geomatics experts Andrew Richman and Crispin Hambidge explain how satellite and LiDAR are helping Enforcement Officers identify agricultural runoff.