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Why AI is our top emerging technology

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An artificial intelligence graphic of a human head.

Defra technology innovation consultant Jan Murdoch shares his assessment of the key findings of our 2023 Emerging Technologies Radar, which highlights the potential influence of emerging technologies on the challenges and opportunities faced by Defra group, particularly in our pivotal role in promoting environmental sustainability within the UK.

What I’ve learned about panel management in a growing research team – Part One

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A cartoon drawing of post-it notes disguised as people looking at a discussion board with the word ‘sessions’ written above it.

User research panel manager Jason Stockwell reflects on what happens when a user research project grows suddenly, and quickly, and how this needs to be managed to keep things on track.

How to improve Civil Service job applications and ace your interviews

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A lady with glasses and long blond hair, holding a ginger cat.

As recruiters around the world have been celebrating International Recruiter’s Day, Polly Whitworth shares her tips for those thinking of applying for a job in the Civil Service, including how to avoid some of the common pitfalls in the written application process and the interview.

How being planet-centric can really make a difference when designing services

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A man, in a field, wearing a blue hoodie, with a brown dog in the background and trees.

In the latest from our ‘Sustainability Heroes’ series, service designer Ned Gartside talks about the work of Defra’s planet-centred design working group, which has focused on creating a set of principles to guide the design of lower-environmentally impacting services. Like …