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Worth a visit: modelling the positive impact of greenspaces with ORVal

The boathouse at Birkenhead Park

The mob cheers as, in an empty grid square, a small park opens. Property prices in the area begin to rise; soon, a new demographic moves in. The recognisable shift towards gentrification. A familiar reality. And one that will soon …

Earth Observation for plant and animal health and welfare: innovation workshop

Last week ( 5 October) the Defra Earth Observation Centre of Excellence (EO-CoE) held its first innovation workshop. This event was a direct follow up from the high priority areas identified at the Earth Observation and Open Data Showcase that …

Technology, innovation and data: helping us protect the environment and respond to flooding

Environment agency officer and resident

The technology revolution is also a data revolution!  In less than ten years there has been an explosion of new mobile devices, which has increased everyone’s capacity to consume data on the go. 

Demonstration Test Catchments Open Data

Surface runoff

The recent Defra Science and Innovation Fair showcased a number of projects producing a wealth of data, much of which has been made open. The Demonstation Test Catchments project looks at monitoring controlling pollution from agricultural run-off. You can find open …